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YuraQ – The White Knight of the Rainforests

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Some good eco-news at last: in a time when depletion of the rain forests makes headlines, YuraQ helps to conserve them and supports the indigenous population.

In the tropical rainforest of Ecuador, a native wild palm tree produces a magic seed called Tagua. Due to its consistency, appearance and cream white shade, the stone nut is also known as vegetable ivory. Once milled to a fine and smooth powder, it is perfectly 100% white. For decades, Tagua has been replacing plastic in the luxury garment industry by exchanging plastic buttons with the Tagua Nut. YuraQ helps endangered rainforest land and supports the local economy by providing jobs to dozens of communities.

Natural and Documented


Hair Care / Shampoo
Body and Face Scrubs
Sun Care
Skin Care

YuraQ in Cosmetics

As a whitening agent
As a binding agent for lipids
As a smoothing agent
As a non-perishable ingredient
As a natural PMMA replacer
As a Titanium Dioxid replacer
As an exfoliant

Product Insights

No Animal Testing
GMO free
Free from Allergens
Exempt from REACH
Natrue approved
Cosmos approved
Clean Label
Closed-process Plant
Compliance with Nagoya Protocol

Do Good – Do YuraQ

Do Good – Do YuraQ

YuraQ is a planet-friendly sustainable product, a tool to defend forests, combat climate change, prevent global warming and reduce the carbon footprint of the cosmetic industry.

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